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Your Path to Spiritual Starhood: Empowering Your Sacred Self

We are now taking orders for Your Path To Spiritual Starhood Empowering Your Sacred Self

An inspiringly beautiful gift book, offering a special invitation to the reader to enter the limitless, nourishing world of Spiritual Starhood,where one is free to fulfill their dreams in their own unique and
brilliant way. Spiritual Starhood is a way of being in the world that empowers and enhances the sacred part of you that has never been allowed to surface. This radiant presence longs for your expression, so that you may shine forth in the world to freely create, contribute, love and allow yourself to be loved in the way that your heart most desires.


You cannot afford
to hide your greatness
The little self inside of you
longs to be seen,
to be heard, to be taken seriously.
That little self
is a Spiritual Star in hiding.

The only rule you need follow
is your own heart's dream.
Do not allow another's dream for you
to cancel out your own.
Someone else's dream for you
will never satisfy your inner craving
to do Spirit's will,
which is synonymous with your will.
This is the formula that will work best for you.
All other avenues
will be mirages along the way.

All systems have been in place forever
It is a matter
of when you choose to reveal your Star-Self,
for Spirit's plan for you
began before you entered the womb.
At some point in time,
you will long for the way back to your greatness,
and the universe will begin to choreograph
the divine journey toward your Spiritual Starhood.