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About Rusty

Rusty Berkus is a nationally and internationally known inspirational writer, poet, composer, and lyricist. She has received her Masters in Marriage and Family Counseling.

Over thirty-five years ago, she launched her own publishing company, Red Rose Press. Through word of mouth, a grass roots demand for her books rapidly continued to grow. She now has thousands of loyal fans who appreciate and eagerly await the arrival of her uplifting, inspiring and profoundly healing messages for people of all ages and in all walks of life.

Rusty feels that one of the finest gifts you can give to another is to inspire and enhance a person’s life with a greater sense of self-acceptance, dignity, joy and inner peace.

Just as the unfolding of a rose is invisible to the eye when it comes to full bloom, the depth and value of her books empower and comfort her readers.

Rusty’s writings speak to others with the voice of a compassionate, benevolent parent. In a very simple, yet profoundly moving way, her works offer permission to be human, inspiring the reader to recognize and own their inner greatness and Spiritual Starhood.

You cannot afford to hide your greatness. The little self inside you longs to be seen, to be heard, to be taken seriously. That little self is a Spiritual Star in hiding.

From Your Path to Spiritual Starhood

by Rusty Berkus

Rusty Berkus’ books have been sold at independent bookstores, gift shops, boutiques, wellness centers, religious institutions, mental health clinics, recovery and rehabilitation centers, rape clinics, cancer clinics and hospices. They can also be found at many educational institutes such as the Montessori Schools, Princeton University, Graduate Schools in both the Psychology and Philosophy Departments, and are recommended reading to Nurses and Health Care Professionals.

Rusty Berkus’ writings have continued to be called “evergreens” for they are known as timeless, and have proven to be multi-generational. Their popularity continues to grow throughout the years, for they are looked upon as timeless treasures.

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